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An industry leader in safety and quality, with a culture of innovation and decades of experience. Allied Power is a national provider of electrical infrastructure solutions. 


We are experts in the design, procurement and construction of overhead and subterranean distribution and transmission lines, solar and wind power connections and related assets for high voltage infrastructure. 


Our capacity to collaborate effectively and to the highest standards with customers during each stage of the project is fundamental to our project management strategy. 


We are a one of primary power line providers in Western Australia working with the key mining firms of the resources industry.  Allied Power deliver projects in rural and remote places all around Australia. 


Throughout the design and construction phases, our internal operations and maintenance teams are involved to maximise operational performance.

Proven Track Record

A Sample Of Our Projects

Project Samples

From small scale projects to larger and more complex ones, we have a great selection of work samples to share with prospective clients. In addition to outstanding results, when you choose to work with Allied Power , you’ll have the advantage of working with a flexible and knowledgeable team.

Rio - Amrun

Fabrication, supply, delivery, design, construction, installation and pre-commissioning support of the 22kv overhead power line. Allied Power was awarded a certificate of appreciation in recognition of our achievement to perform safe installation of the infrastructure corridor overhead power poles and lines.

Norton Gold Fields 

Norton Gold Fields contracted Allied Power to design, fabricate, construct and commission an 11Kv interconnected dual feeder overhead powerline from their newly built onsite power station. The newly constructed processing plants and operations facilities of the Bindulli site required every aspect of powerline construction from high voltage underground cable installation, terminating and testing. A specifically designed piece of pole top hardware to accommodate the large HV conductors, Isolating equipment as requested by the client for present and future purposes as well as constructing the new powerline to allow for the addition of renewable energy to become the primary generator of power to the site. Allied Power delivered high quality workmanship within all project target dates without compromising safety and achieved a 5-star contractor rating from Norton Gold Fields.

Norton Goldfields 3.jpg

Blair Fox -Lancelin Wind Farm 

Supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and certification of high volatge distrabution for two windfarms in the Lancelin area. Supply, dressing and installation of 112 timber poles, installationof reclosers and pole top transformers, installation of ground mount substations, supply, installation and commissioning of 6km of 33kV cable. Termination of the high voltage cables and earthing to each wind turbine transformer, installation of Metering Transformer for anti-islanding protection and renewable energy credit metering.


AP Project diagram.PNG

Design, supply, fabrication, transportation, site installation, testing, commissioning and close-out for the expansion of the Christmas Creek Chichester Power Network. Power station works including the installation of a 10MVA step up transformer, 33kV RMU and associated civil work. Overhead line works including 33kV powerline to the Remote Crushing Hub and the new Central Contractors Yard. 11kV underground supply to the new Ore Processing Facility: 22,000m of 11kV underground cable laid via 8 circuits in trefoil formation.

Picture 1.png

Scope of works included removal of redundant 33kV switchgear including recloser and metering transformer. Fitting new recloser, power supply and metering. Cross arm and pole hardware replacement including new insulators and cable. Underground excavation and cable laying in conduit and terminate, test and commission all new works.

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Newmont - Boddington

General maintenance, electrical and shutdown labour support, general installation work consisting of supply, repair, fabrication and commissioning to plant and equipment. Over 15 years of service and zero saftey incidents

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